Choosing a Boat Insurance Policy

The highest level of tailored protection for all types of pleasure boats less than 27-feet in length.

  1. Why Boat Insurance?

    Even if your boat is securely docked or sitting pretty on your driveway, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s properly covered with an insurance policy. That way you can have proper peace of mind when you are good to hit the open water.

  2. Pleasure Boat Coverage Considerations

    Not sure what you need covered for your boat to set sail? We’ve got you covered! Our boating insurance can include towing and assistance, personal liability, watercraft liability and even medical payments.

  3. Boat Insurance Discounts

    Not only do we offer superior coverage, but we also provide excellent value in the form of everyday low prices and additional savings opportunities of up to 50%. A few ways you save include a boater’s safety course, license or degree discount (5%); a protective device discount ; a multi-policy discount ; and a multi-boat discount.

  4. Flexible Payment Plans

    Adding to our excellent coverage and savings are flexible payment options that allow for more personalized policies. Choose from a range of deductibles, take advantage of automatic renewal to prevent a lapse in coverage, and select from full-, 3-, 5- and 11-pay plans.

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