Choosing an Earthquake Insurance Policy

Providing complete protection from the damage and loss caused by an earthquake.

  1. In the Event of the Big One

    While no-one can foresee when the next big quake might hit, you can ensure that your home and belongings will be protected when it does with earthquake protection up to $2.5 million. Not having earthquake insurance could mean big problems in the event of the Big One.

  2. Flexible Coverage Solutions

    Coverage can be provided alongside a Pacific Specialty property policy or on a standalone basis. Complete coverage for your contents and up to $100K in loss of use. Even enhanced coverage for items such as pools and valuables.

  3. Get a Lower Deductible

    Many homeowners assume that a high Earthquake insurance deductible means there’s no point in getting coverage until you have full equity in your home. At Pacific Specialty we offer competitive Earthquake insurance rates and multiple deductible options. Protect your family and your investment today – call the experts.

  4. Enhancing Your Home Policy for Less

    Earthquakes can result in a financially devastating situation. Don’t let yourself or your family get caught off guard. Protect your property and enhance your existing insurance policy with a Pacific Specialty Earthquake Insurance policy.

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