Renters Insurance

Protection gets personal.

Replacement cost for your personal belongings, plus coverage for personal liability. Renters get complete protection from Pacific Specialty.

Renters insurance is critical protection, whether you’re renting an apartment, condo or house.

Replacement cost coverage protects your personal property from theft, fire, vandalism and other losses. Get the money you need to replace everything – from clothing and computers, to jewelry and home electronics. No matter the age of your belongings, they’ll be replaced with comparable, new items.

In the car or on vacation, Renters insurance follows – your belongings are protected wherever life takes you.

Personal liability protection of $100,000 is also included in all policies.

Remember, your landlord typically has insurance on the building; but not for your belongings, or an accident in your place. So protect yourself with Renters insurance from Pacific Specialty.

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Belongings Value Calculator

This tool will help you estimate the value of your personal property. Use the Estimated Total Value figure during the quoting process, for the most accurate Renters Insurance quote.

Category Estimated Value
Clothing / Jewelry $
Computers / Personal Devices $
Home Electronics / Cameras $
Silverware / Dishes $
Furniture / Appliances $
Patio Furniture / Grill $
Tools / Firearms $
Miscellaneous Items $
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